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IGT Wild Bear Salmon Run I-Game Video Slot
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IGT Wild Bear Salmon Run I-Game Video Slot

IGT Wild Bear Salmon Run I-Game Video Slot

Now here’s a totally tasty video slot! The Wild Bear Salmon Run ® game is a 5-reel, 15-line,Game King® theme that tells a true story of some scrumptious salmon and seven hungry bears. There’s Fishin’ Bear, Ranger Bear, Boone Bear, Jack Bear, Shine Bear, Ace Bear and Boris the bear.

Our story begins with our school o’ salmon mozeyin’ on over to the place they need to get so they can do what Mother Nature’s been tellin’ them to do since she was a little girl. And our grizzly seven are right there awaitin’ for ’em.

Symbols feature nature’s foodchain at its best. Acorns, pinecones, berries, a pesky raccoon, a trophy deer, and swimmin’ salmon right on up to a ferociously hungry wild bear.

You'll land the big jackpot in the Salmon Run bonus, where free spins and an added twist bait big payouts.

Hang up the Gone Fishin’ sign and rustle up some credits! When three or more Salmon Run symbols symbols land in any position on the reels, the feeding frenzy begins with the Salmon Run bonus. Ten free spins start automatically, whetting your appetite by tripling all bonus spin line pays. Now each time a salmon lands anywhere on the reels, the catch does not get away.

Listen as the game tells a story for one of the seven bears along the top of the screen. Watch as the credits pile up and salmon swim right on up to one of those hungry bears. The goal is to land seven Salmon Run symbols during the bonus. If you reel in seven of those symbols, all seven bears are fed their first course and you'll win another 10 free spins. The fish and credit feeding frenzy continues until zero free spins remain or as legend has it... after a staggering 250 free spins.

Scatter pays award from two to 50 times the total bet, and there’s a top award of 150,000 credits.

So come on neighbor! Let’s go chasing after grizzlies with the Wild Bear Salmon Run® game! It’s a surefire bet you'll catch the one that got away.

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